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A Quick Tour to the Island of Bohol, Philippines

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Amusing and Historical Tourist SpotsBohol features different attractive, amusing and historical tourist spots. Chocolate Hills, Blood Compact Site, Mount Carmel Hill, President Carlos P. Garcia Memorial Park, Behind the Clouds, Dagohoy Marker and Punta Cruz are some of the appealing tourist destinations in the province.Chocolate Hills is a unique geological formation in the island province. Located in the town of Carmen, this tourist spot is consisted of 1,268 hills that have perfect cone shape. The hills are concealed in green grass that becomes brown if the temperature in the province increases. Meanwhile, Mount Carmel Hill attracts travelers because of the historical value of the tower. This tower is made up from limestone and adobe from a church in Balihan town that was destroyed when some Boholanos revolt against Spaniards.Beautiful BeachesAlona Beach, Dumaluan Beach, Bikini Beach, Momo Beach and Doljo Beach are enticing beaches to see in Bohol. Situated in Panglao Island, Alona Beach is the most alluring beach in the province. It features outstanding and world-class resorts, hotels and restaurants. It is also a good place to do water sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving and jet skiing.Dumaluan Beach is another white sand beach that is located near Alona Beach. Like Alona Beach, it houses famous resorts like Bohol Beach Club. Meanwhile, Bikini Beach, Momo Beach and Doljo Beach are famous to tourists because they are rich in attractive seashells.Elegant Hotels and ResortsMany travelers like to spend their vacations in Bohol because it has elegant hotels and resorts that offer comfortable rooms and refreshing amenities. Alona Kew White Beach Resort, a premier resort in the province, features an outstanding dining place that serves sumptuous meals to guests. Rooms at the resort have amenities like cable television as well as hot and cold shower.Another elegant resort that tourists should visit in Bohol is Bohol Divers Resort. This resort has a bar and restaurant where guests and travelers can relax while dining delicious meals and tasty beverages. The rooms at this resort has mini kitchen and bathtubs, which provide comfortable stay to tourists. Other premier resorts and hotels in travelers should see are Bohol Tropics Resort, Alona Palm Beach Resort and Amarela Resort.Excellent and Outstanding RestaurantsBecause many tourists visit the province every year, many business owners decide to open restaurants that serve sumptuous meals to travelers. For those who have interest in grilled seafood dishes, they should try Gerry's Grill at BQ Mall. Meanwhile for individuals who crave for international meals and tasty beverages, they can dine at Brewpoint Coffee Club.With its beautiful tourist spots, enticing white sand beaches, outstanding restaurants and hotels, there is no doubt that Bohol is one of the famous summer vacation sites in the Philippines. Hence, to avoid experiencing hassles when planning a trip to the province, it is best that tourists make advance reservations with the management of the establishments that they want to see.Peter Garant is writing Bohol island articles for his site about the Philippines.

A Quick Tour to the Island of Bohol, Philippines

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