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Family Calendar

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Remembering the good old days when you got to be around family? Too busy to find time to hang out with your family?  Only have time to leave a message on Facebook to your relatives?  Time to get back to the basics.  You would think with all this new technology it would be easier to have time to do things like spend time and create vacations with our family.  The answer is no, on average people spend less time with their family.  Because of the economy and other reasons, families are becoming more spread out than ever before.  The quality family time is not there like it use to be, and there seems to be more of a disconnect between families now more than ever before.       What will help your family stay close and connected in these times where it seems like the priority of spending time or connecting with family are not in most people's top five priorities.  Of course a family calendar is the answer.  Family calendars help people stay connected to their families.  Online calendars allow families to connect that live miles and miles away.  It makes it easier to put everything in a family calendar, because all the information is there on the family, from email addresses to physical and mailing addresses to phone numbers to birthdays.  The organization in a family calendar makes it easy and not very time consuming to connect with everyone in the family all at once or a one on one basis.  The reason it is so easy is because anywhere where you can get online you have access to your family calendar.  From work, home, or out and about an online calendar has helped millions of families connect with ease.  I use one personally and share photos post message boards to start family discussions etc.  Family calendars are vital in promoting healthy family interaction on a personal level without being around your family in person.  So next time someone says they do not have a lot of time to connect with the family, ask them if they have an online family calendar.

Family Calendar

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