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Kidizoom Cameras – 3 Frequently Asked Questions

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The Kidizoom camera is one of a small range of digital cameras designed especially for children. It is very popular at the moment and is expected to be one of the best selling toys this Christmas. It is recommended for children aged 3 and over and will certainly give parents piece of mind in that they do not have to share their beloved adult camera with their snap happy child. If you have not heard of the Kidizoom camera but are after a multimedia camera for your child, the following frequently asked questions should give you some valuable information.What does the Kidizoom camera do?The Kidizoom camera has a heap of features. It not only takes photographs, but also shoots video and has three built in games for children to play. It has a small LCD screen on the back where the child can see the shot they are about to photograph or watch the videos they have taken. The camera can be linked to the television or computer via cables supplied with it. The 16MB internal memory will store up to 200 photos or five minutes of video footage so enough for a short play time. The three games are designed for younger children and can be played on the move or via the television link.Will my child be able to use and not break the Kidizoom camera?Yes, this camera was built for children. It is ultra tough and designed to withstand the throwing, dropping and other abuse children will put it through. The design of the handles and the buttons were all made with children’s little hands in mind. The handles are big and easy to grip and the buttons are prominent and easy to find and use. Although the camera looks quite chunky it is not very heavy.Are there any extras I need to buy for the Kidizoom camera?Definitely worth a look is an extra memory card. The internal memory capacity may sound like a lot but will probably not last long when your child is let loose on it. Once the memory is full, you need to either go through the photos and delete the ones you no longer want or transfer them all to the computer. If you use an external memory card you minimise the trips to the computer. You also save the photos from being lost if the batteries run out.  Talking of batteries, you need some for this toy. As they are likely to run down quite a lot, rechargeable ones are recommended.Being aware of what you are buying is crucial in this gloomy economic climate, where we all want to spend our money wisely. Hopefully these frequently asked questions will have helped you decide whether or not the Kidizoom camera is right for you.

Kidizoom Cameras – 3 Frequently Asked Questions

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