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How Home Loans With Bad Credit Are An Affordable Option

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It is only logical to assume that mortgage providers and lenders would be reluctant to lend to bad credit borrowers. A typical home can cost as much as $150,000, and granting such a large home loan with bad credit is a major risk. However, even borrowers with very low credit scores have funding options.The effects of the poor economic situation this country finds itself in has largely been detrimental. Many have lost their jobs, or seen their income fall dramatically. The result has been to miss repayments and default on loans, earning honest borrowers low scores.In a way, this has been a plus for bad credit borrowers everywhere, with mortgage approval despite poor credit ratings now more common than ever before. But why is this? Well, there are more options available now, not just the FHA home loans that have served the public well for decades.The Impact of Worsening Credit ScoresBut just how damaging is a poor credit score? When it comes to securing a small personal loan, not very much. In fact, most lenders ignore the scores completely. But when it comes to getting a home loan with bad credit, it can be very damaging since the debt is larger and the impact of a higher interest rate much greater.Low credit scores fit within a certain bracket. For example, while 700 and more is considered a good score, an applicant with a score 650 is considered to have bad credit. Over the course of a year, it is not hard to see a score fall from 650 to 550. This is where getting mortgage approval despite poor credit ratings is so useful.However, be prepared to accept certain compromises in order to secure a home loan from a regular lender. These can include a higher interest rate and a longer repayment term. While a longer term makes a mortgage affordable, it also means a much more interest is paid over the lifetime of the loan.Advantages of the FHA OptionThe best option for anyone seeking a home loan with bad credit is the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), which provides more affordable loan terms for people already in tight financial situations. These mortgages come with certain advantages.The most obvious is the opportunity to secure mortgage approval despite poor credit ratings, but this is possible only because the FHA provides assurances to the lender. FHA loans are granted by normal lenders, but with government backing, the interest charged is lower.Basically, insurance and closing costs are provided for, so the FHA home loan is a more affordable option. However, the negative aspect to this deal is that the properties are within a strict price range and real estate agents have to be FHA approved.Qualifying for FHA Home LoansOf course, it is also necessary to qualify for FHA mortgages. The program itself is not open to just anyone, with applicants requiring a score of no less than 560 to be considered. It means that getting a home loan with bad credit is limited to those with reasonably low scores.Other criteria to satisfy include that the applicant must already have paid rent or mortgage repayments for at least 12 months, and must have an existing credit history that includes 3 types of credit deals, also over at least 12 months. If there are any judgements to speak of, then these must all be paid up and clear.Once these are confirmed, securing mortgage approval despite poor credit ratings is that bit closer. However, be sure to speak to an experienced mortgage provider for any further information. They will reveal the full scope of home loan options available.

How Home Loans With Bad Credit Are An Affordable Option

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