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Graduation Photo Invitations

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Graduation photo invitations can be a quite excellent way of providing a personal invitation to your graduation party. The invites photo will be seen by your guests and instantly recognised as the graduate they love. A picture paints a thousand words, according to the song anyway, and that is true of any photo type invitation. You can add one or many photos. You can add current or past photos. You can of course use the graduation photo. No matter what you do the personal invite is the best way to invite people to your party. Of course there are a lot of ways of creating graduation photo invitations and you can choose the best for your circumstances. Also the colors and wording you use in the body of the invitation can bring further life to the invitations and make things extra special. Starting with the basic photo invitation. You have perhaps decided that a smiling graduate will compel your guests to accept and attend the party. You will want as many people to attend as possible to make the party great so a personalised invitation in any way will help.  The graduation style photo will let them see instantly what is going on. Hence the basic model of one graduation style photo with the invitation details added is a good one. Of course you may want to add further flair to the invitation. You can of course have lots of photos and you do have lots of different types of guest. For example, for a relative who has not seen the graduate since they were a baby or a toddler a great invite would have a photo of the graduate from the last time they saw them and one up to date one. The up to date one could be a graduation type one. Another great way is to have the photos at a number of different ages and no matter who gets the invite they will see all the different stages of the graduate and enjoy taking a view on their progress. For the graduate’s friends, the graduate may not want them having all this detail. They may find it less embarrassing just to have a simple up to date photo. I also like the idea of showing the graduate doing something they are passionate about. That could be playing their sport, receiving their winning trophy, dancing, painting or singing, for example. That instant recognition with what makes them special may be what you are after. In the end any of the types of graduation photo invitations will work just fine. Also importantly they will provide a lifelong keepsake all about the graduate.Once you have decided on the photo or photos you wish to use you can use them in more ways than just the invitations. You can add them to the announcements. This is excellent as you may not keep in touch with some of the recipients. You can create favors like t-shirts, mugs, water bottled, candy bar wrappers and key chains based on these photos. You can also use them as part of the graduates tribute board.I hope you enjoy creating graduation photo invitations.

Graduation Photo Invitations

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